Who and why?

Howdy, my name is Sami Aalto and you can check more of my stuff at www.samiaalto.com

This blog started as soluScreen Shot 2016-06-04 at 07.55.42tion to one question: How can I become better portrait photographer? Most simple yet most effective answer I could figure out was to photograph as much people as possible in shortest time period as possible.

Enemmän taustoja katukuvauksesta voit lukea Hämeenkatu päästä päähän artikkelista Nuoret valokuvaajat blogista. Katuvalokujaan arjesta voit lukea mun omasta blogista. Jos valokuvaus kiinnostaa, niin hyppää mukaan Nuorten valokuvaajien Tampereen Local kommelluksiin.

Can you give any advices to those aspiring photographers who want to do street photography but are too scared to try?

Yes. This video should answer all your questions.

Can I republish my portrait in social media?

That’s fine. But please be kind enough to add in exchange description to original source: www.hameenkadulla.com. You can also tag / give shout-out to @hameenkadulla.